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Deathworld 2

Copyright 1964 by Harry Harrison

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I first read this in 1974 and most recently on the 29th August 2013

Previously published as "The Ethical Engineer" by Victor Gollancz

This is the second in the "Deathworld" trilogy and a great lighthearted romp. Our hero Jason dinAlt outfights and outsmarts the villainous and traitorous inhabitants of this next Deathworld. He has time to rescue, now and again, his sweet slave Ijale and his back-stabbing ex-captor Micah.

A perfect small volume for a bored teenager whether you're young enough to be caught up in the excitement of the brawling and bold invention, or able to sit back smiling at the unlikelihood of the plot and amused by the humour.

Jason DinAlt reflects that "the sound of his own voice always cheered him". A Reading Harry Harrison lighter novel always cheers me. Well done Mr Harrison.

Loaded on the 29th March 2015.
Cover of Deathworld 2

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