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The Dragons Of Heorot

Copyright 1995 by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes

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I first read this in October 1997.

Back on Heorot, years later, the colony has survived the super-fast alien "Grendels", and is has grown enough to experience political dissension on the future direction of the colony. The younger generation, those born on Heorot, want to explore and open new colonies on the planet. The surviving original colonists, fighting their own personal battles with the brain damage they suffered from the suspended animation during the trip to the colony, and unable to forget the horrors of the original Grendel attacks, are much more cautious. They fear that further exploration of the alien world will simply mean more deaths. Still the new generation will not be restrained and they are determined to commence the exploration.

There's are, of course, a couple of problems. Firstly, something is wrong with some of the younger generation, their thinking is a little strange, possibly psychopathic. Secondly, the planet's climate has been changing, suddenly new forms of life are bursting out everywhere, and amid this fecundity, the Grendels are becoming more intelligent.

Well this is Larry Niven et al, and it's the sequel to "The Legacy Of Heorot" so it had to be bought and read as soon as I found it. Hard science, great adventure - this is what makes SF worthwhile. And the Grendels really rock.

Loaded on the 19th May 2001.
Cover of The Dragons Of Heorot
Cover by Fred Gambino

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