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Cowboy Angels

Copyright 2007 by Paul J. McAuley

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I first read this in August 2010 and most recently on the 18th February 2015.

The multiverse exists. Sheaves of universes grouped together, sometimes splitting off, sometimes merging back together. The discovery of the Turing Gate permitted travel across the multiverse. The sheaf where the Turing Gateway was first discovered is the "Real". America exists in most Universes and the Real America struggles to ensure a PanAmerica in its own image across the multitude of worlds. It does this as it always does, with the military and the CIA. Adam Stone, one-time CIA Cowboy Angel, is out of that now. He lives quietly living in a small hamlet, farming and hunting. But then the Company comes for him. They need his help. His old partner, Tom Waverley, has gone rogue. Since Tom once saved Adam's live, Adam agrees and goes with them to the Nixon sheaf. Very quickly he finds himself up against the local agencies, the Real America CIA and the hidden enemy. His loved ones are slaughtered and now all he has left is his search for Tom Waverley and Toms crazy conspiracy theories. I have to admit this is a very good novel. I loved the concept and liked the eloquent writing. However, I did find it a little drawn-out. That's an example of English understatement by the way. What sticks with me after reading the book a second time is the image of these two near-superhuman figures leaping between universes and wreaking havoc in their search for justice, loyalty and love. On the back cover of the paperback, I spotted a link to omegacom.demon.co.uk. This turns out to be Paul's website. It is chock full of interesting stuff, including a conversation between Paul and John Womack (author of "Heathern" and "Random Acts Of Senseless Violence" amongst many other great novels). Check out the site but be warned, if you're a superficial person, that the website layout is ancient. Made me feel quite smug about SF Reviews early 21st century design.

Loaded on the 29th March 2015.
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