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The Reality Dysfunction - Expansion

Copyright 1996 by Peter F. Hamilton

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I first read this on the 22nd March 2002.

Dead souls are pouring through to occupy the bodies of the living, and their damned empire is expanding, threatening the Edenist habitats and the Confederation itself.

This is the second part of the "The Reality Dysfunction" following on from "The Reality Dysfunction - Emergence".

"The Reality Dysfunction" is itself part one of "The Night's Dawn" trilogy, and since this trilogy is simply one big novel, the plot continues to unfold in its gripping but excessively loquacious way.

Please refer to "The Naked God", final volume of the trilogy, for my summation of this vast work.

In the United Kingdom, this book and its prequel "The Reality Dysfunction - Emergence" are published as a single volume "The Reality Dysfunction".

Loaded on the 10th April 2002.
Cover of The Reality Dysfunction - Expansion
Cover by Don Puckey and Carol Russo