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Red Rising

Copyright 2014 by Pierce Brown

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I first read this on the 28th July 2016.

Mankind has spread through the solar system. Planets are terraformed and colonized. But on Mars, the Reds, the lowest of of the low in humanity's rigid classes, still labour underground, in poverty and pain.

Hey, I grew to rather like this novel. We know from the start that Darrow is going to be a pretty "sleeper" in the enemy camp, but the story of how he develops in this is surprisingly engrossing. It caught me up little by little and I was cheering along with his army as he conquered all of their little world.

What's it got: medieval mayhem with swords and scythes. God-like humans flying with gravity boots and protected by force-fields. And at the bottom of the heap, deceived and brutalized, their starving, exploited slaves.

Oh that reminds me, it's work again tomorrow. Should I, while I work at my desk, hum the song that Eo sings?

I look forward to the sequel.

Loaded on the 16th February 2018.
Cover of Red Rising
Cover by Faceout Studio, Charles Brock