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Heirs Of Earth

Copyright 2004 by Sean Williams and Shane Dix

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I first read this on the 6th February 2004.

In this the sequel to "Echoes Of Earth" and "Orphans Of Earth", the last survivors of Earth have teamed up with an alien race Yuhl and are determined to make a new start. However, the evil alien Starfish are still searching out and destroying the human colonies and there is no way to resist them.

There's no point in reading this unless you have already read "Echoes Of Earth" and "Orphans Of Earth". Far better, in fact, is not to read this book at all.

I enjoyed the first book, enjoyed the second rather less and absolutely loathed this final offering. It's appalling, especially compared to the promise of the first. There's no science and no characterization. It's fantasy disguised as space opera where the magic is presented as advanced technology (yes, I know about "any sufficiently advanced technology..." but this is way further). There is no consistency or logic in the world in which the protagonists operate. Both problems and solutions are simply pulled out of a hat, swathed in flashing colours and described with gobbledegook.

I have no hesitation in ranking this barely above Robert L. Forward's "Saturn Rukh", the worst book I have ever reviewed.

However, I do regret that this series which started so well should end so badly.

Loaded on the 29th February 2004.
Cover of Heirs Of Earth
Cover by Chris Moore and Judy Morello

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