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City On Fire

Copyright 1997 by Walter Jon Williams

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I first read this in September 2000.

Twitch review

The sequel to Metropolitan, Aiah has left Jaspeer to join Constantine in Caraqui to help establish the new government. This world, whether it's an alternate earth, or some long-lost colony, has rudimentary science relying instead on half-mystical plasm energy force for all its needs.

This really is good. Williams draws such fine characters. Aiah and Constantine are so superbly constructed. Somehow, Williams manages to imbue Constantine with an amazing physical presence.

I'm so impressed at the way one follows Aiah's growth and development, and her passion for Constantine.

An excellent book and a worthy sequel to Metropolitan. Just remember: read Metropolitan first.

Loaded on the 16th May 2001.
Cover of City On Fire
Cover art by Tim White and Phil Heffernan

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