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Hunting Party

Copyright 1993 by Elizabeth Moon

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I first read this in 1997 and most recently on the 18th June 2006.

Heris Serano has been forced to resign her commission in the Regular Space Services. Now she's to be pilot on a rich lady's space yacht. Something of a comedown, she thinks, especially as they are shepherding spoilt rich kids to join the Hunt at the planet Thornbuckle.

Of course, it won't be as boring as she imagines:

  • She'll get her chance at some unladylike action, some rough and tumble
  • Her mistress, Lady Cecelia will have her eyes opened to some of life's harsher realities.
  • The kids - Ronnie, Odious George, Buttons, Rafaele and Bubbles, will find life is a lot less comfortable and a lot more dangerous than they had expected.

A thoroughly enjoyable escapist romp through high society. It's not a significant book in any way, but it's great fun. Especially if you like horse-riding, fox-hunting and/or the aristocracy. Now I can't say I like any of these but I will say that Elizabeth Mood makes this horse-riding lark sound terrifically exciting.

Loaded on the 15th July 2006.
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Cover by Fred Gambino

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