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Biased and superficial Science Fiction reviews


The SOJALS Rating

A calculated value of 0 to 5 derived from the following scenario:

The Scenario

In the future, life on the outer planets will be harsh. Colonies will struggle to survive. Entertainment will be primitive: virtual reality immersion; ice-carving, simple song and dance to drum 'n' bass.

Colonists will be starved of the treasures of the human culture.

Great Mother Earth, in its bountiful generosity, will organise fleets of automated library ships to take the physical copies of the literature of the home world to these far-flung outposts.

The Calculation

So, as a stowaway on a Jupiter-bound automatic library ship, during the long, monotonous voyage,
how many times would I read this book?

[The calculation of the SOJALS Rating was modified on 18th December 2001 to reduce the maximum award from 10 to 5. So the best books get ratings of five rather than ten.]