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Biased and superficial Science Fiction reviews


The Worst SF

Below are listed the bottom twenty of the books reviewed at SF Reviews. Worst first.
  1. "Heirs Of Earth" by Sean Williams and Shane Dix
  2. "Saturn Rukh" by Robert L. Forward
  3. "To Bathe In Lightning" by Anne Gay
  4. "A Miracle Of Rare Design" by Mike Resnick
  5. "Inherit The Earth" by Brian Stapleford
  6. "Virus Clans" by Michael Kanaly
  7. "Murphy's Gambit" by Syne Mitchell
  8. "Timeshare" by Joshua Dann
  9. "Starfarers" by Poul Anderson
  10. "Ashes Of Victory" by David Weber
  11. "Against Gravity" by Gary Gibson
  12. "A Thousand Words For Stranger" by Julie E. Czerneda
  13. "Angel Of Destruction" by Susan R. Matthews
  14. "Reunion On Neverend" by John E. Stith
  15. "Terminal World" by Alastair Reynolds
  16. "Virtual Destruction" by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason
  17. "The Barsoom Project" by Larry Niven and Stephen Barnes
  18. "The Silk Code" by Paul Levinson
  19. "Sunstorm" by Arthur C. Clarke
  20. "To Fear The Light" by Ben Bova and A. J. Austin
  21. "Seasons Of Plenty" by Colin Greenland