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Dark Matter

Copyright 2016 by Blake Crouch

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I first read this on the 16th December 2020.

Jason Dessen left behind his dreams of a achieving a breakthrough in quantum physics when his girlfriend Daniella got pregnant. He didn't become the successful scientist that his friends expected. Instead he married his girlfriend Daniella and became a physics professor at his local college. Now they have a wonderful son Charlie and Jason loves his wife and son profoundly.

But one night, on his way home, he is abducted at gun-point, man-handled and drugged. On awakening he finds himself in a very different world where Daniella is not his wife and no one - not even Daniella - seems to know about his son, as though Charlie never existed.

So begins a desperate hunt through the multiverse to find his original universe, or at least a facsimile thereof. Even just a safe harbour because there are lot of people trying to stop him by any means possible, including murder.

Ha, the multiverse again! Like "The Space Between Worlds" another dystopian view of the possibilities the multiverse offers. But this is rather good, if (I admit) a little confusing at times. It's got emotional depth, intellectual curiosity and sheer excitement. Great stuff!

Loaded on the 6th March 2021.
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