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Copyright 1958 by Brian W. Aldiss

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I first read this in 1975 and most recently on the 16th June 2004

An abortive spying mission results in the death of his best friend. Now Leslie Tyne begins his investigation but is rapidly caught up in political intrigues between humans and the alien Rosk. When he finds out that the Earth is about to be invaded. he has to tell someone, but he has no idea who is to trusted.

Aldiss was able to put his Malayan experience to provide a convincing background for this run-of-the-mill thriller. Don't spend too much time on this book, In fact you can skip the short story "Segregation" included to pad the book out. Move on to Aldiss' better books - his ideas and his writing simply improve throughout the following years as his reputation gives him increased freedom.

However, "Leslie's Principle Of Reciprocal Action" was a an amusing but perceptive analysis of the spy trade.

Loaded on the 14th August 2005.
Cover of Equator
Cover art by Bruce Pennington

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