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Black Sun Rising

Copyright 1991 by C. S. Friedman

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I first read this in 1994 and most recently on the 16th July 2006

The cleric Vryce, evil but elegant Adept Tarrant and trusty Senzei Reese venture into the badlands to restore the soul of the beautiful ex-sorceress Lady Ciani of Faraday.

Along the way, they battle and best many enemies, but can they ultimately triumph against the evil that lives at the Centre Of The Storms?

Well, it's a tough question and you'll have to read hundreds of pages to find out. If you like swords and sorcery then you'll love this. If on the other hand you like SF and were sucked in by mention of the world being in the far future and the result of a strange mix between earthly colonists and unearthly alien forces, then you'd feel a little cheated.

And sorry for the degraded cover scan - this cover seemed to force my software into generating artefacts all over the place.

Loaded on the 16th December 2006.
Cover of Black Sun Rising
Cover art by Michael Whelan

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