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Crown Of Empire

Copyright 1994 by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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I first read this in 1998 and most recently on the 2nd March 2005

In the far future the Earth controls an Empire of four thousand worlds. There is a Pact Of Mankind, an imperial constitution, between Earth and its colony worlds. However the fragile peace is sustained not so much by the Pact itself but by the High Secretary. His is the power that keeps the populations, include the alien populations, in balance and under control.

Without him, the warring factions of the Empire will be uncontrolled and the Empire will fall.

But now the High Secretary is dead and the rival warlords seek the Secretary's heirs either to control them or to kill them.

We follow Jessine, Tira and Dov as they separately attempt to survive and avoid the multiple attempts to annihilate or enslave them.

Well, you might follow their attempts, but I gave up. At least on the second reading. I believe I struggled through to the end first time around, but from what I can recall I didn't enjoy it. That said, it's really intended for young teenagers and for them it might be a fun read. Sorry about that, young teens, but I am currently far too lazy and frankly tired to get too excited about this stuff, which is way below Yarbro's normal quality.

Loaded on the 1st May 2006.
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Cover art by Paul Alexander

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