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Seasons Of Plenty

Copyright 1995 by Colin Greenland

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I first read this in 1999 and most recently in June 2001

This is the sequel to "Take Back Plenty". Captain Tabitha Jute has taken possession of the massive starship "Plenty" and for the wont of anything better to do, is taking it to Proxima Centauri. With her are her usual bunch of stylish female friends and together they romp their way through a variety of interesting adventures.

I thought Greenland's "Harm's Way" was a most excellent book. "Seasons Of Plenty" has become a disappointment. The first time I read this I found it charming with interesting characters but rather light on intensity. I've just tried to read it again but after around a hundred pages I gave up: fun though it was it was going to gain me anything. As far as I can recall from the first reading, nothing much happens anyway.

What's it got? Aliens, an AI, FTL, an exciting starship and a smattering of sex (and even alien sex - but not worth reading the book for, kiddo).

Loaded on the 16th June 2001.
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