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Copyright 1979 by D. F. Jones

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I first read this in September 1980 and most recently on the 4th May 2011

An aircraft goes missing and turns up far off course and three months later, but to the crew on board, no time had passed. Then another plane goes missing and later returns. Top secret project Icarus is formed to monitor the continuing disappearance of aircraft.

Meanwhile, in the small town of Abdera Hollow in New York State, something dreadful is beginning to happen to those of its residents who were on board one of the "displaced" aircraft. Mark Steadman their local doctor can only watch in horror as the alien Xeno begins its emergence.

This was disappointing then and again now. I'd bought it when it was published because I'd rather enjoyed D.F.'s "Colossus" novel. "Xeno" is a techno-thriller built around a monstrous alien insect into which the author somehow managed to work a religious element. Furthermore, the writing is stodgy and impersonal. There are moments of perceptive observation and some of real excitement. In general, it was unsatisfying. Plus of course, I simply don't like monstrous alien insets.

What's it got? Monstrous alien insects. Not much else.

Loaded on the 22nd April 2012.
Cover of Xeno
Cover art by Stuart Hughes

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