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Texas On The Rocks

Copyright 1986 by Daniel da Cruz

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I first read this on the 15th February 2008.

In the USA of 2008, the water is almost gone and the food and manufacturing with it. America is slumping and deflating down as food supplies fail and the government loses control.

There's only one solution that will bring enough water to the US. An iceberg must be towed from the Pole to the US, docked and made to feed the entire US as it melts.

Ripley Forte is the man to do this mammoth task. The problem is he's decided not to dock the iceberg in the US, but to deliver it to the newly-independent Texas.

The USA, Israel, the USSR and even the woman he loves want to cheat him, stop him and put him out of the picture. This is Ripley Forte they're dealing with and they are all in for a surprise.

A Boys Own adventure with real men, real but treacherous, women and big problems solvable by science and determined action. As a teenager reading this book you'd come out of it inspired and ready to read, learn and take on the world. As an adult, you arise from the reading slightly queazy, a bit dirtier but relieved that the world and it's people aren't really that simple.

Loaded on the 23rd March 2011.
Cover of Texas On The Rocks
Cover art by Barclay Shaw

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