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V. I.

Copyright 2000 by Don DeBrandt

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I first read this in July 2000 and most recently on the 20th August 2011

Storysmith and Shapeshifter are two vagabond aliens travelling the galaxy because for each of them their home planet is not a place where they would want to stay. Storysmith is the nephew of the universally famous hero Mike Blink and his partner Melody. Mike and Melody have called on Story and Skinny for help and our unassuming and courageous heroes come running. From the moment the touch down at Miriad, the capital city of Kinsilk, they on the trail of the enemy. However, this is no ordinary foe. This Viral Intelligence is a cross-breed of local artificial life with an alien nanotechnology, and it is very, very powerful.

An odd novel. I quite enjoyed it the first time around, but gave up 50 or so pages from the end this time. It's written intentionally in a thoroughly-enjoyable comic book action story style and indeed features a number of super heroes and villains. Good fun but not exactly deep.

Loaded on the 26th August 2012.
Cover of V. I.
Cover art by Phil Heffernan

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