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The Heaven Makers

Copyright 1968 by Frank Herbert

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I first read this in February 1971 and most recently on the 28th March 2010

Alien abductions and glamorous babes!

They're ugly, they're squat and they come from outer space. These alien Chems are the secret power that governs us.


Fraffin is the most popular Storyteller among the Chem. Yet the evidence is mounting that he may also be the worst criminal they have ever known.

The Bureau of Criminal Repression has been trying to uncover the trail of corruption and then to punish Fraffin. Kelexel is an Investigator for the Bureau. He's the fifth investigator assigned so far to this case. The previous four were suborned and reported Fraffin to be innocent, yet it is clear that there is something very wrong.

Kelexel has been sent to Fraffin's world to uncover the corruption and punish the criminals. He hopes he can resist whatever bribe will be offered or threat made to him.

Not one of Herbert's major novels, but worth a read. I enjoyed it immensely each time I've read it. However, I admit that I've always looked kindly on the book just because of that wonderful cover.

Loaded on the 23rd March 2011.
Cover of The Heaven Makers

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