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Copyright 1959 by Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth

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I first read this in 1980 and most recently on the 25th July 2009

An alien world came visiting and took the Earth away with it when it left. Our solar system is far behind us now, our Sun is gone. The moon has been converted into a fake sun by some unknown process and every five years it is rekindled, but each time the process is less effective and this fake sun grows cooler.

A vessel from that alien world sheared the top from Mount Everest and landed there. It remains, a strange pyramid, atop Everest

As Earth gets colder, as the crops and the animals die, humankind shrinks into a a few million hungry people who no longer have the energy to live well, let along to fight back against this mysterious world-slayer. We've internalised more and more, turning to thought rather than action, appreciating subtleties rather than grand gestures.

But among the disheartened human sheep, there are a few wolves. and Glenn Tropile is one of them.

Hey, not bad, not bad at all. It's dated but well worth the read.

Loaded on the 23rd March 2011.
Cover of Wolfbane
Cover art by Adrian Chesterman

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