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Bold As Love

Copyright 2001 by Gwyneth Jones

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I first read this on the 15th August 2003.

Drank my way through vodka martini, Champers and Tequila to finish this book. Bothered myself to put "Let It Bleed" on the B&O, then switched to mp3s and "I'm the Ocean" by Neil Young (one of the oldrock stars, had a electric fan on stage so his hair would blow in the wind to his signature song "Hurricane"), Nickelback, and Bonnie Pink (that's the Japanese rocker, not the over-exposed "Pink"). Oh blow me down with a feather, there's Dylan and "changing of The Guard" bursting forth now. Can't imagine from where I got this play-list.

Of course, it's pretty pointless if you've never enjoyed live music, never done the Festival thing. I'm happy to say that for all my slothfulness, I did indeed go to a few festivals including, a profoundly long time ago, the "Reading Rock Festival". Now there's a name to conjure with. My God, I remember Reading. I saw Yes, the rain storming down making the perfect backdrop for their laser light show, beams of light rolling across the sky, coruscating against the rain. Learnt a lot, thanks to planting a tent over a ditch, and learnt a lot more, thanks to the kind consideration of the police. Still the evening eventually rocked and rolled and the festival became, just as Gwyneth Jones portrays, a magical event.

So on to the book.

Nope, it's gone. Can't remember a thing about it. It sure was good though.

Loaded on the 14th August 2005.
Cover of Bold As Love

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