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The Z Sting

Copyright 1978 by Ian Wallace

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I first read this in 1979 and most recently on the 5th August 2002

The Comcord is a world-wide system that monitors a disruption index for each country. If the index for a particular country starts to show a sufficiently dangerous level of aggression, the Z-sting weapon is automatically triggered to cocoon off the offending nation, allowing the remaining states to continue their peaceful existence.

However, someone seems to be deliberately manipulating the indices to wrongly trigger the Z-sting.

Apparently this is set in the Croyd Spacetime Manoeuvres whatever they may be.

This is an appalling book. It's written in an incredibly irritating style, quite possibly to create an impression of modernity, but just as hopelessly far off now as it was twenty-five years ago.

Both then and now I have been unable to finish the novel. The first time I struggled through to around page 93, this time only to page 54.

Although amazon.com denies knowing anything about this book, the amazon.co.uk is much more forthright in stating:

"we are currently unable to offer this title"
which is as it should be.

Loaded on the 28th February 2003.
Cover of The Z Sting
Cover art by H. R. Van Dougen