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Copyright 2000 by James Alan Gardner

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I first read this in January 2001 and most recently in January 2000

As in "Vigilant", "Hunted" features Festina Ramos and the Explorer Corps (the Expendibles) and the League of Peoples. The malformed members of the Expendibles are just aren't good-looking enough to merit jobs in normal society. The League of Peoples are the advanced galactic civilisations who protect interstellar space by preventing non-sentients from travelling through it. Non-sentients are defined as entities who have committed or contributed to murder of sentient beings. They're prevented from travelling by dying as they attempt to cross into interstellar space.

Not one but three alien races play their part: luminescent intelligent mold (my kind of people), alien lobster-ants and democratic Dalek derivatives.

I've read both "Vigilant" and this new book They're both good adventure yarns. It really does have an excellent first chapter, especially if you're already familiar with Admiral Ramos.

Loaded on the 16th February 2001.
Cover of Hunted

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