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Copyright 1993 by Jeff Noon

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I first read this in December 1994 and most recently on the 9th May 2002

A wonderful drugpunk dreamworld. It's a lyrical hallucinogenic rush through the streets of Manchester in the near future. Such a perfect description of teenage kids out on the town, getting out of their heads and deeply out of their depth but taking on the world.

But it's not all teenage kicks. Scribble has a really big problem. He and his sister took a drug trip to the strange universe of Vurt. He returned but it was without his sister. She is lost in the Vurt and he has to find a ay to get her back. He and his gang are shepherding an alien blob which just might help him do that.

I loved the concept of the drug-filled feathers. The book is chock-full of new and exciting ideas. It's just great, and really is a unique classic.

Loaded on the 12th June 2022.
Cover of Vurt
Cover art by Stuart Hunter

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