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Copyright 2019 by Jim Al-Khalili

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I first read this on the 4th October 2021.

Courageous scientists battle against an evil agency intent on forcing humanity's destruction.

This had moments of real excitement that made up for the occasional stodginess. Reading it recalled to me the flavour of the writing style of many British 1950's SF novels. I'm thinking of Fred Hoyle's "The Black Cloud" as one of those (mainly because I've just reread it).

There was one outrageous anomaly amid all the perfectly reasonable science that suffused the novel. This Total Immersive Displacement (TID), a deus-ex-machina introduced near the end to resolve the plot.

I would love to see a novel based around TID and I'd happily suspend my credulity but in this novel, a near-present-day thriller, it was just out of place.

Loaded on the 30th December 2021.
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