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Einstein's Bridge

Copyright 1997 by John Cramer

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I first read this in November 1998.

First contact with not one but two alien races is provided through operation of the Superconducting Supercollider*. One race is good, the other bad to the bone, and there is a desperate race against time, in the tunnel of the great accelerator, to defeat the alien invasion.

It's a two part novel. In the first part two scientists, George Griffin and Roger Coulton ably assisted by the charming Alice Lang, investigate the anomalous observations at the SSC. They realize that these result from an alien intervention and commence communication only to discover they are on the brink of horrific disaster.

The second part is rather odd, almost a different book, written in a more jovial, optimistic style as our protagonists rebuild their shattered lives drawing those they love in close and preparing for what one certainly hopes will be a brighter future.

This was surprisingly enjoyable. On balance, I would have preferred something more heavyweight for the second half of the novel, but as it was, it was still good fun.

*If you are interested in history of the real Superconducting Supercollider project check the following links:

Loaded on the 28th February 2003.
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