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Reunion On Neverend

Copyright 1994 by John E. Stith

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I first read this in November 1996.

Lan Dillion has returned to his homeworld for a high school reunion. It's not the school reunion that interests him so much as his hoped-for reunion with Tessa, his one-time girlfriend. It seems he's come in the nick of time as Tessa has some serious problems, with threats being made on her life. Lan is, of course, much more than his mild-mannered persona portrays and it turns out he's just the right guy to sort everything out, even it does mean dragging her through some life and death situations on a variety of planets around the galaxy.

It's a simple detective adventure novel, set in an SF environment. I really enjoyed the first chapter, and was so sad to see the style and tension fading as I read on.

What's it got? Aliens by the handful but of no relevance, alien worlds that would be worth revisiting in some depth and a superb "gateway between the worlds" that was completely wasted, being used simply as a subway system by a couple of petty criminals.

Loaded on the 16th May 2001.
Cover of Reunion On Neverend
Cover art by Kelly Freas

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