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Copyright 1997 by Joshua Dann

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I first read this in September 1999.

Timeshare Unlimited. Timeshare Unlimited is run by the brilliant scientist Cornelia Hazelhof ably abetted by her right-hand woman Felice. The company has been set up to take rich people on tours into the past.

John Surrey, ex-LAPD detective has landed himself a exceptional job working for this new and very secret company.

John is to be the first man to travel in time. Subsequently he's the tour-guide, escorting tourists to past times and persuading them to return when they express reluctance to leave what seems like a better, safer, kinder time.

It's a humdinger of a job. He loves his work, he's made himself rich and everything is humming along nicely, except his love-life. The woman of his dreams lives, or rather lived, in the past and she is lost to him forever, killed by German warplanes during WWII.

It was deeply tiring following this over-talented protagonist as he mixes with the movers and shakers of movie-industry history in this most contrived and pointless plot. . I mean there's adolescent wish-fulfillment and there's adolescent wish-fulfillment

Loaded on the 10th April 2002.
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