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Crescent City Rhapsody

Copyright 2000 by Kathleen Ann Goonan

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I first read this in September 2001.

Marie Laveau business tycoon and on her way to becoming Voudoun Queen of New Orleans is assassinated. But that's OK, they have the technology, they can rebuild her. Of course, it's a slow and painful process. But she'll recover and find her killers and they'll also undergo something of a slow and painful process.

Meanwhile, world-wide, a massive electromagnetic pulse stops all radio transmission, wrecking computers, communication equipment and power distribution. After a few hours the pulse fades, but returns later more frequently and with increasing duration.

And since the pulses seem to be of alien origin rather than natural phenomena, the government aim to contain and control the information and the knowledge that may lead from it, using as governments usually do, any means necessary.

Zeb is one of the few who detected an underlying signal to the first electromagnetic. In the government's view he holds important information and his silence must be assured.

All over the world children are born whose biochemistry is uniquely sensitive to these electromagnetic silences.

Civilisation struggles to endure and recover from the chaos these EMPs cause. However, to survive in this new world is going to require some drastic changes.

Thrilling in places, lyrical and well-written. Full of interesting characters, particularly Zeb, of course, and quite a sense of fun and enjoyment amid the tragedies.

But for me it missed the mark, there were two many ideas and threads introduced but undeveloped and abandoned. I felt no great pressure to read through to the end and doubt I'll read the next in the series unless as emergency plane-fodder.

What's it got? nanotechnology, bio-computing, and ecological disaster.

Loaded on the 23rd September 2001.
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