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The Infinite Cage

Copyright 2005 by Keith Laumer

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I first read this in 1974 and most recently on the 27th September 2006

A man with amnesia but astonishing mental powers strives to exist in our modern world. All he can manage is to struggle along as one of the unprivileged underclass. He lives from hand to mouth, exploited and brutalised. Every attempt to rise above the gritty basement of society results in him being dashed down again. Finally near death, help is offered, but will he take it?

This is an entertaining and moderately intriguing little tale, and I really did rather love how the Laumer has portrayed the various supporting characters.

I'm glad to say it reminded me of "Dark They Were And Golden-Eyed", the specialist SF book shop in Soho, London, before it was eclipsed by "The Forbidden Planet". I recall an astounding afternoon at Dark They Were - sometime previous to my purchase of this book (at the princely sum of 40 new pence). I shall now cease this review and reminisce about my youthful exuberant indiscretions.

Loaded on the 28th February 2007.
Cover of The Infinite Cage