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The Inner Wheel

Copyright 1970 by Keith Roberts

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I first read this in 1973 and most recently on the 20th November 2006

In this powerful evocative novel of post-war England Roberts details the development of a telepathic homo superior. It's a powerful ride, mysterious and thrilling, a rollercoaster ride through a haunted house, as we follow in turn the experiences of Jimmy Stringer, Libby Maynard and Roley Stafford as they discover the Inner Wheel.

As with his fabulous "Pavane", Roberts packs so much into this relatively short (by modern standards) novel. Brilliant work, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Rather surprisingly, even though I'd forgotten almost everything about this novel prior to re-reading it, I'd always remembered Libby Maynard. Well, actually that's not so surprising as (i) she's a girl and (ii) she turns out to be quite a babe.

Loaded on the 23rd June 2007.
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