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I first read this on the 22nd February 2015.

Our teenage protagonist Ryan finds himself entangled in conspiracy theories but just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. He may be correct. Something very strange does seem to be going on. But he could be totally wrong. We just don't know. Either way, Ryan has a lot of growing up to do if he is to finally get the lovely Sophie.

Oh very good! Another view of the pending future and an optimistic one indeed. It's great book and very well written. I still haven't worked out which species Ryan is and whether it's important and how I'd feel about the alien medical intrusions. This may be a failing on my side as I was unable to pay full attention to this book. I was reluctant to throw myself into it until the spaceships came swooping in. But they didn't.

Loaded on the 29th March 2015.
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