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Virtual Destruction

Copyright 1996 by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason

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I first read this in June 1998 and most recently on the 3rd April 2002

Dr Hal Michaelson is a project manager at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He's clever, charismatic, aggressive and immensely ambitious. With his latest project - totally convincing virtual reality - he's got the fervent support of the military and the ear of the President. If he can pull off this latest project, he'll finally be a mover and shaker wielding real power.

Gary Lesserec is the genius behind this new VR. Top-notch programmer and instantly-repulsive computer nerd. He's determined that this technology is going to make him a lot of money and if the US military won't pay the money he'll get it from whoever's interested.

Still a dead body in the VR chamber is enough to disrupt anyone's plans.

Craig Kreident, FBI high-tech specialist. is called in to find the killer

This hardly counts as SF - it's a high-tech murder mystery set in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The only SF in the novel is a (admittedly pretty impressive) VR rig, however although it's the primary setting, it doesn't play any critical element in the plot. I've no objection to high-tech mysteries, but I resent that it's published under an SF imprint, and has blurbs lauding this pair of writers and/or their combination of mystery and assumed SF by Jerry Pournelle, Jack McDevitt and Allen Steele.

Having said that, it's a tolerable thriller, if you like that sort of thing. It does have an unforgettable VR episode to which Jack McDevitt alluded in his blurb for this book.

Loaded on the 19th August 2002.
Cover of Virtual Destruction
Cover art by Doug Struthers

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