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Falling Free

Copyright 1988 by Lois McMaster Bujold

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I first read this on the 23rd December 2001.

Illegal inhuman genetic modifications have produced humans designed to work in zero gravity. They have toughened immune systems, their bodies don't lose condition in the absence of gravity. There's one very visual change: their legs have been replaced with a second set of arms. For the work they're designed to do, they're ideal instruments.

Leo Graf, with his interest in engineering, can see all their advantages. He also sees that to the company they are slaves to be used and disposed of as and when the company wills. That doesn't sit well with him, but he's got a job to do so he does he best to ignore moral qualms. Finally, though, he'll have to do something about it.

Not a weighty book but enjoyable. Entertaining space adventure for teenagers.

Loaded on the 20th January 2002.
Cover of Falling Free
Cover art by Pat Turner