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Nova Swing

Copyright 2006 by M. John Harrison

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I first read this on the 17th May 2007.

Liv Hula owns the Black Cat White Cat

The event zone is a merging of realities between our world and something incomprehensible

This is a novel about the regulars at Black Cat white Cat. Two of these are Lens Ashernan Vico Serotonin.

  • Vico Serotonin will for a price take the the foolish, the inquisitive and the driven on tours of the event zone
  • Lens Asherman is the detective investigating the emergence of strange humanoid aliens from locations adjacent to the zone

And wow, I'm a bit lost for words, mainly because I didn't really understand it on the first read but, heck, I'll review it anyway. Very briefly. It takes place some time after "Light" but there appear to be only loose connections between these two books. When reading this I kept thinking of Tricia Sullivan's "Sound Mind", albeit set on an distant port somewhere across the fifty light-years of the

Halo. And does it matter if I feel there's something missing, something unexplained? No, not a jot, not a tittle. The book is stylish and moving, a lovely work.

Also, had to mention the references to Chambers Pistols - from "The Centauri Device" and "Light". I'd love to say that I spotted that myself. But I didn't of course.

Loaded on the 6th July 2009.
Cover of Nova Swing
Cover art by Dominic Harman

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