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Copyright 1984 by Mack Reynolds and Dean Ing

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I first read this in 1984 and most recently on the 21st October 2006

Alex Germain wanders in to the sleepy and boring town of San Raphael and discovers that a strange group of foreigners run this town.

What is unbelievable but true is that these odd foreigners have been running this town for hundreds of years. These are immortals and they are in hiding from the rest of us, in fear for their lives.

I loathed this idiotic adventurer Germain and everyone involved with him. It's a run of the mill tale written badly. It frequently slips into simple-minded lecturing. Of course, that sort of lecturing sticks with me. I've apparently managed to absorb many informational tidbits from the novel and am now distressed to find that I have no idea which ones are true or merely conjurations of the book. Clearly it had an impression on a younger version of me but I cannot imagine why.

What's it got? immortals, secret evil organizations, murders, really hot but really, really old babes.

Loaded on the 25th January 2007.
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