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Final Circuit

Copyright 1988 by Melinda M Snodgrass

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I first read this on the 2nd March 2009.

Judge Cabot Huntingdon, dodging impeachment, is hiding among the Belters. The Fifteenth Circuit Court has been suspended leaving those who live in the belt, on Mars or the Moon. In those territories there is no judicial system approved by Earth and therefore no judicial buffer against Earth's assaults.

Now terrorists in the Belt have hijacked spaceship carrying antimatter and are threatening the Earth with it,

It's clearly going to be a tough for Judge Cabot to keep the Earth and the Belt from each other's neck, notwithstanding the dubious help of his well-connected family. Good show, Melinda! I do enjoy reading her books. Makes me think about what the legal system would be if all of its practitioners were, like Judge Cabot, diligent, honest and impartial.

Loaded on the 12th March 2012.
Cover art by Don Dixon

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