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Falling Stars

Copyright 2001 by Michael Flynn

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I first read this in ? 2001.

The fourth and final book of this superb series sees the asteroid on a collision course with Earth. In the general depression that the asteroid's inevitable arrival has induced, there's very little hope of mounting any effective defense against it. However, Mariessa Van Huyton and her protegees pull together to stimulate at least some hopeful attempts.

Jacinta Rosario, Chase Coughlin, Jimmy Poole, Hobie, Styx and Mariessa are right in the thick of it. Ned Dubois, Meat Tucker and Forrest Calhoun makes guest appearances. And there's a surprising and enjoyable return of an old character toward the end of the book.

OK, I was a bit fed up during the first half of the book - it was good but but lacked the excitement and breadth of the previous books. In particular it mostly lacked Mariessa, but once things got rolling along, the book rocked.

I rate this as one of the best SF series, better (to my amazement) than Larry Niven's "Ringworld" trilogy or the "Mote in God's Eye" pair. Is it as good as the "Foundation" or "Dune" series? I don't know yet - I need to reread them to decide, if a such a decision is possible

Wonderful - but read the series in the correct order!

Loaded on the 10th December 2001.
Cover of Falling Stars
Cover art by Julie Bell

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