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Chains Of Light

Copyright 1992 by Quentin Thomas

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I first read this in June 2001 and most recently on the 24th April 2005

In some far future universe, the personal empire of Lucifer Angelus is giving him some irritation. He's already slaughtered three High Chamberlains this morning because (now he looks back past his immediate annoyance) they brought him bad news. Specifically they told him of a war against his empire, of attacks by millions of mysterious, murderous warriors.

What makes this worse is that Lucifer is well aware that conflict within his empire is impossible unless he has willed it and he's pretty certain that he has not.

Meanwhile, and elsewhere, the Hegemony rules the human civilisation across the many human planets. Near the centre of the Hegemony, on the ancient planet called World, is the Hall Of The Web.

It is here, in this massive building, that the templates are held, These templates are the few comatose humans whose concentrated mental facilities weave and maintain the fabric of the Hegemony's imperial power.

And it is here that lowly technician, Charlie Seagrave, conceives his less than bright idea to bring a little life in to his boring job. He plans to have a little fun, a little party, with one of the templates, an unconscious adolescent. It really hasn't occurred to him that this might not be such a good idea, both for his job security and the security of the Hegemony itself.

With the aid of the unfortunate Eileen, the enigmatic, multi-faceted Naomia and the Twisten invaders, Charlie will find himself a spearhead in an attack on the Hegemony.

Lucifer, for his part will learn the limits of his power and face his greatest battle.

This is the first novel in the "Luciferian Chronicles", a fact of which I was blissfully unaware until the last few pages. Not having the next novel I was peeved because this book is quite good fun and I am (still) interested to know how the series turns out. It's exciting, complicated, thought-provoking and, at times, hard-hitting. I spent an enjoyable weekend reading it.

Another fact of which I was originally unaware is that Quentin Thomas is one of a number of pseudonyms of W T Quick who turns out to be quite a prolific writer. Thanks to Iceberg Productions for enlightening me. Some examples:

  • "All The People, All The Time", published in Analog Magazine and I do believe I've read
  • "Quest For Tomorrow: Delta Search" co-written with with William Shatner
  • "Sister Of The Sky" as Margaret Allan
and that's just a few!

Loaded on the 1st May 2006.
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