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Biased and superficial Science Fiction reviews


Copyright 2004 by Robert Buettner

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I first read this on the 3rd September 2008.

Aliens are throwing rocks at the Earth, whole cities are being obliterated and Earth is barely able to get even a shuttle into orbit. Humanity will hold itself together long enough to mount a mission to destroy the alien stronghold and it will be the US Infantry at the sharp end.

Young Jason Wander has just signed up with the Infantry and he's going to be fighting for his life as the corpses of his comrades pile high around him.

Whooo! This is a jolly good book. It's an exciting, gripping read. Heaps of gritty military realism and enough humour and sentiment keep it well rounded.

Loaded on the 23rd March 2011.
Cover of Orphanage
Cover art by Calvin Chu

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