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Calculating God

Copyright 2000 by Robert J. Sawyer

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I first read this in July 2001.

An alien spacecraft lands outside a museum in Canada. The alien emerges and asks to be taken to a paleontologist. All of that sounds pretty unlikely, but our new hero Tom Jericho, resident paleontologist, reacts well to his alien visitor, seeing him as a fellow scientist under the alien exterior. It is therefore something of a shock to discover that the alien considers paleontology as clear proof of the existence of God, rather the opposite to what Tom himself has always thought.

However, Tom's life is going through some major upheavals at the moment, and the question of God's existence will becomes something more than merely academic, as it indeed it will for both human and alien life.

Well this is so much better than "Flashforward". This novel was actually entertaining, even frivolous in places and barely boring at all.

Loaded on the 2nd August 2001.
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