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Copyright 2003 by S. M. Stirling

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I first read this on the 25th May 2006.

Fish and Game Wardens Tom Christiansen and John Tully investigate a bizarre endangered animal smuggling operation, and stumble on a parallel Earth, an Earth where the European colonization of America never happened, and the continent is an unspoilt wilderness.

Unfortunately for Tom, he's not going to be the first person there. He's been beaten by sixty years and the society that has grown up there in that time is very, very protective of its own world.

This is an enjoyable read and quite thrilling at times. If you like exploring unspoilt paradises this is the book to read on your way to one. I got a little bored reading all the wildlife descriptions. In my opinion the safest place for a tiger - and I've been uncomfortably within clawing distance of one - is another country, or the carpet.

It's not as good, however, as his later novel "Dies The Fire".

Loaded on the 15th July 2006.
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