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Theories Of Flight

Copyright 2011 by Simon Morden

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I first read this on the 5th September 2012.

Professor Samuil Petrovitch, fresh from the exploits covered in the first book "Equations of Life" (wherein he apparently secretly rescued London from appalling onslaught of the New Machine Jihad) is just discovering anti-gravity, or something similar. He'll soon be dragged away from his academic pursuits to again rescue his beloved city. This time it is under attack by the Outies, those that live outside the fragile borders of the Metrozone. These Outies are wild and deadly, and are charging en-masse and unstoppably toward the city centre, while the EDF forces retreat, outnumbered, south of the river.

Petrovitch is an impressive character. To start with he's a genius and a remarkably determined one. Once his clear thinking shows him what he should do, he'll do it. He won't give up until it is done. He doesn't compromise on his objectives or his principles. He's got a clear vision of how London, and even the whole world, should be. He'll do whatever is takes to impose his righteous solution on our damaged and corrupt civilization. He'll fight and he won't waver or compromise. He'll fight to save his girlfriend, when she is in harm's way, even if it means going through an army of Outies to reach her.

Absolutely great fun!

I picked this up along with a few other books at Tower Records in Shibuya. Tower Records was having a book clearance sale and the books were 100 yen each. That's just over a dollar. 70p to us Brits. I'm kicking myself for not picking up the first and third novels in the series as well. But hey this was the first I'd heard of Mr Morden and I was dubious. However, what a great book! Pure teenage wish fulfilment. Hey forget about the teenage, good for any age. I was riveted to my seat, unable to even reach for the Tequila bottle and read the book virtually dry. I'd certainly like to have an AI partner who's more powerful than most nations. As a very happy spinoff, I think I'm going to read Algis Budrys' "Michaelmas" again. I wouldn't want to emulate Petrovitch though. I'd prefer to avoid most, frankly all, of the physical damage that he bravely endures.

As a matter of urgency I must order "Equations Of Life" and "Degrees Of Freedom", the first and third books in this series. If the other books are as good this series will become a classic, and also a ripe candidate for a movie series.

Loaded on the 30th March 2013.
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