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Prisoner Of Conscience

Copyright 1998 by Susan R. Matthews

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I first read this in August 2001.

This novel takes place in Matthews' "Judiciary" universe. In this universe, torture is considered an appropriate and essential tool of the interrogatory methodology.

Andrej Koscuisko is an Inquisitor for Bench Federation of worlds. He's a sensitive and brilliant doctor. He's also a man of honour. Unfortunately he is also an exceptionally gifted torturer who enjoys his job rather too much at times.

Koscuisko is posted to Dommitt prison at Port Rudistal. The prison is a processing center, interrogating thousands of presumed rebels and criminals.

Is this a chance for Koscuisko to let rip, as it were, or could something more meritable arise.

Great stuff.

Loaded on the 6th July 2009.
Cover of Prisoner Of Conscience

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