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This Fragile Earth

Copyright 2021 by Susannah Wise

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I first read this on the 12th April 2022.

When the apocalypse comes, it may not come fast. If it was a big bang, then you'd run for the hills or hunker in the bunker. But this apocalypse just creeps up on you so you put off acting because, surely, it 's not going to get worse. And when you do decide to act, it may already be too late.

Sydney and her six-year-old son James have already learned that lesson. Now they're just two very brave people trying to survive, but both are starving and sick, stressed very near to their limits. And it looks like the Apocalypse is not over, is not yet finished. Rather it is still actively grinding surviving humanity into the dirt.

I'm stunned at how superb Susannah's writing is! Short concise sentences that conjure up the reality of this awful apocalypse as experienced by an terrified, grief-stricken and overwhelmed mother trying to protect herself and he son in world which seems to her to have gone completely insane. In fact it was hitting me so hard, I had to put the book down for a couple of hours to regain a measure of objectivity.

You must read this.

Loaded on the 12th June 2022.
Cover of This Fragile Earth