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Secret Realms

Copyright 1998 by Tom Cool

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I first read this in September 1999 and most recently on the 3rd July 2011

Trickster, Cat, Dreamer, Snake, Cry-Baby, Berserker and the rest of the fourteen members of their tribe take on their toughest game. Immersed in virtual reality they've fought their battles, small and large, in every kind of environment and civilisation. But this is the one for which they've unknowingly been trained. This is in the reality where pain really hurts and the dead stay dead. This is in the real world. Our seventeen-year-old superhero gamers have burst out of virtual reality. Now they're in the midst of an all-out war between China and Japan. But, hey, battle is what our gamers do best.

Wow! This almost got me playing video games when I first read this. Reading it twelve years late triggers the same old yearning. It's a rocket of a book, a thrill a second ride,

I loved it.

Loaded on the 12th March 2012.
Cover of Secret Realms
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