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The Lathe of Heaven

Copyright 1971 by Ursula K. Le Guin

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I first read this in 1973 and most recently in December 2000

Orr, Lelarche and Haber change the world with the best intentions, time after time, with increasingly wild dreadful results.

I've read this at least three times now. This time was after a gap of more than 20 years, and it's still a lovely book. I was enthralled by it the first time, it was right up there on my top ten list. This time around I rank it in the top 100 (I've read more books). I wouldn't rate her "Restoree" and "The Dispossessed in that chart, well maybe Restoree would squeeze in. Still "Lathe Of Heaven" triggered me to leap off the sofa and stumble across to the hi-fi to play "With A Little Help From My Friends

Was George my role-model, or Haber? Have I spent my life chasing after Lelarche?. Well this is all possible and little worrying.

Why does it remind me so much of Philip K Dick's works? It must to be the aliens: if Arnold ever makes a movie of this please call it "Invasion of the Space Turtles". I wonder: is there some connection underlying their common middle initial?

Loaded on the 31st January 2001.
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