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Copyright 1983 by Vonda N. McIntyre

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I first read this in 1987 and most recently on the 1st March 2011

A pilot, a diver and a plague survivor together are on their way to overturning scientific wisdom and indeed to overturning their civilisation.

  • Laenea Ghas just graduated to the rank of pilot and bears the scar that all Pilots bear. It is the scar that shows the human heart has been removed for it is the beating heart that chains the human to the subliminal world. Replace the heart with a rotary pump and - if you have the talent - you may soar with your ship at superluminal velocities
  • Orca is a "diver". genetically engineered to be able amphibious and able to talking with whales. She is the second generation of that experimental technique, but now the rest of the divers want to transform themselves even further away from human standard. Orca is not sure she wants to leave humanity behind
  • Radu Dracul is a plague survivor from the planet Twilight. He's scarred by that experience. He's also in love with Leanea. But she is a Pilot so cannot come physically close to a normal man - a Pilot is physically disturbed by the beating of the human heart. It's love without hope. Almost

I've got such a soft spot for Vonda N. McIntyre. I've always wondered what the N. stood for? Natalie? Nautilus? Nesbit? I favour Nesbit. I admit I may be alone in this. But more than that, I've loved "The Exile Waiting" since I first read it back in 1978. Indeed it's one of my favourite books, currently ranking at No. 22. This novel does not match that masterpiece but it is by Ms Nesbitt, as I like to think of her, so it's a delight to read.

Loaded on the 26th August 2012.
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