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To Crush The Moon

Copyright 2005 by Wil McCarthy

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I most recently read this on the 29th March 2012.

The holocaust that devastated the fabulous Queendom of Sol left the few remnants of humanity scattered across its reaches. A thousand years since the disaster, the fragile humans that still walk the surface of Lune are threatened again. The Glimmer King is intent on mankind's painful destruction and his robotic forces are on the move. Over the millennium, most of the original Queendom citizens although immorbid and almost - but not quite - invulnerable have died. Among the few survivors are the two who built the Queendom. Conrad Mursk and Bruno de Towaji and they are determined that humanity will continue. To battle, once more, they'll ride.

Ho Ho ho, what a tremendously enjoyable read. Take Moorcock's "Dancers At The End Of Time" series, say "An Alien Heat", and mix it with space engineering, nanotechnology and lashings of hard science. Stir well and bake until it is a golden brown crisp crumble of a novel. Read this book now, it's a delicious experience.

Loaded on the 7th March 2020.
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Cover art by Stephen Youll

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