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Clip Joint

Copyright 1994 by Wilhelmina Baird

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I first read this in February 1997.

Martin is a telented sculptor, Cassandra is his lover and manager. Two years before, their partner Dosh was killed, but they're still recovering from the trauma.

Now it appears that Dosh may still be alive and they return home to search for him. If he is alive, then some big corporations must have been doing some very bad things, so finding the truth may be problematic and risky.

Swordfish is an enforcer, his body has been enhanced and vastly strengthened and he's a very dangerous guy. He's been waiting for Cass for two years and now she's coming back.

Adventure in space with big guns. This was the first Wilhelmina Baird book I read and it has always been one of my pet favorites, although that is partly because of the title. It's not a masterpiece, but in its own small way it's great fun. Part of this comes from Cassandra's character, but Swordfish and the others - Hallway, Razor and MacLaran DeLorn - are seriously entertaining.

Finally, although this is a not what I'd call a dog book, some mention must be made of the wonderful, uncool and over-excitable Dribble.

What's it got? corrupt corporations, gangsters, organ and body transplants,

Loaded on the 21st May 2001.
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